Timber in the City

            The project is a wood structure building in the downtown area of New York City. The site is on Vernon Boulevard, next to Queensbridge Park, on the south side of the bridge. The site is at the river bank which provides a natural connection between the city and the project. People can see the busy Manhattan from the riverside. The building can also be seen from the other side of the river. If they want to get into the building, there are many different ways. People can join the community from the street, the park, even the river. When people come from the riverbank, they can get into the community easily from the path or the boat.

             The landscape is also an important part of the community. The green space created an opening gathering area for people in the community, and also welcome people who are willing to join the community. The landscape also connects the site and the path in the building. The path is the other special feature in the community which enriches people's lives in different ways. People can run, walk, get gathering, even have a cup of coffee in this path. The path connects the functional clusters tightly together. This is not only a running track but also a path for people to experience the entire community. People can start their trip from the riverside of the main entrance of Vernon Boulevard. Both sides can bring citizens into the community naturally. On the other hand, people can also get into the city from the river bank or the boulevard.

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