Animal Shelter

    The Animal Shelter is located on the East Broad Street, Savannah, GA. It is built for animal adopting and carrying, especially for the homeless dogs and cats around the city. Besides, it can also hold special activities, such as animal training classes and volunteer workshops.

      The building mass is based on divided spaces and transition which is also the key points to an animal shelter. The visitors and passengers can appreciate the facade directly from the main street. Since the site used to be a park and a part of it was Mother Mathilda museum, the reconstruction should also base on this theme.

      The museum is set across the parking lot which visitor can find and visit it at first. Besides, the little cottage also has a well connect with the wetland which makes them combined to a natural park.

    The main structure uses a variety material. The upper mass uses wood and glass which will make people get close to nature. The mass under it is a concrete block with green paint and arrow pattern. The concrete can make the whole structure looks stable. The green color is considered as a curing color because dogs are color-blinded. The arrow pattern makes the building alive in some ways.