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        这些是练习的速写,均是风景画。 用炭笔和铅笔完成它们。 原始照片来自网站和书籍。这其中大部分画都是在课堂上完成的。

        原图有些是欧洲的街道,有些是室内,其中两个是工厂。 来源都是上世纪的照片。在艺术史课上,教授展示了一些二战后的照片,通过课后的一些研究,完成了这些速写。

        These are sketches for practice. I finish them with charcoal powder, graphite pencil and pencil. The original images are from online sites or books, and I sketched them in this way. I finish most of the drawing in class.

        The original pictures are the scenery in Europe. Some are streets, some are interior. Even two of them are the factory. All the images are the photo from last century. I was inspired from my art history class. The professor showed some photos after the World War II. I was shocked at that moment and did some researched after class. Finally, I sketched them.


        左侧的画是手绘板上的材质练习,主要是不同的布料手绘。手绘板型号是Wacom Cintiq 16,软件是Adobe Photoshop。先在空白画板上画出布料的褶皱和造型,然后把阴影和高光单独画在不同图层,最后上色并画纹理细节。

        The image on the left is a cloth texture exercise. It is a digital drawing of different kinds of cloth. The main equipment I use is Wacom Cintiq 16, and the software is Adobe Photoshop. Below is the process I finish these drawings. The first is to draw folds and the entire shape. Then complete the shadow and lights on different layers. Finally, last but not least, add some color and texture details.

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