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Video Editing


Street Ecape



       It is a stop-motion video and was shot in downtown Savannah. This short video talks about a strange escaping dreamland story. It uses naive drawing on continuous photos to show each scene and connect them in a video-acting way.

Eyeshadow Palette Advertise


​        这是广告视频的拍摄剪辑,拍摄产品是Revolution的Color Book眼影盘,色号是CB05。因为产品的主色调为蓝色和绿色,所以拍摄的时候运用到了一些自然场景,包括草粉和鲜花,以此来展示产品的颜色和特征。左右两个视频是前后两版剪辑,主要是对比15秒和10秒的广告所产生的不同效果,以及给目标受众所带来的不同感受。

        This is an advertising video. The product is Revolution's Color Book eyeshadow palette, and the color number is CB05. Because the primary colors are blue and green, some natural scenes, including grass powder and flowers, were used in the shooting to show the color and characteristics of the product. The two videos are a comparing group. They offer the difference between 15-second and 10-second advertisements, and some other feelings brought to the customers.

microfilm "Journey"


       这部微电影的剧本来自于《未选择的路》这首诗。 这是我们研究生旅程的最后学期,也是给我们自己的一份礼物。 我们小组里有三个女孩,Kara、Youngju 和我。 我们分散在两个不同的地方,这在拍摄过程中有点棘手。 然而,我们最终完成了拍摄。 任务分配是根据我们各自的优势和情况而定。 下图展示了部分过程和一些前期工作。

       The script of this micro-film basically comes from the poem "The Road not Taken". It is the last quarter of our grad-school journey and a kind of gift to ourselves. We have three girls in the group, Kara, Youngju, and me. We are in two different places, which is a little tricky during the shooting. However, we finally made it. The task separation is according to our advantage and situation. The images below show the process and some preworks.





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