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Into the Woods


调研图片(部分)   Research Pictures


      Into the Woods is a musical written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, finished in 1986. James Lapine wrote the story, and Stephen Sondheim finished the lyrics. The musical debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre in 1986 and premiered on Broadway on November 5, 1987, where it won several Tony Awards, including Best Score, Best Book, and Best Actress in a Musical (Joanna Gleason).

        这是一个神秘的故事,结合了格林兄弟的几个童话故事,包括灰姑娘,长发公主,杰克和巨大的豆茎和小红帽。第一幕遵循原始童话故事的大部分情节。 然而,在第二幕中,每个角色之间的冲突开始爆发,故事与原著的设定越来越不同。 大部分的故事发生在树林里。 因此,设计重点是营造树林场景。 将森林与整个故事联系起来是关键点。


        A mystery story, combined with several Brothers Grimm fairy tales, included Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and Giant Beanstalk, and the Little Red Ridinghood. Act I follow the majority plot of the original fairy tales. However, in Act II, the conflict between each character begins to breakout, and the story becomes more and more difference from the original setting. Most of the story happens in the woods. Therefore, the design focus on creating the woods scene. Connect the forest to the entire story is the key point.

            The “woods” run through the entire musical, including the town scene. To create the depth of field for the audience, the woods will be constructed in different layers. The plot is meaningful, and the author tries to present the dark side of fairy tales. Using cool light and greyish colors would be helpful to build a mysterious and provoking atmosphere.

设计草图   Digital Sketching

布景平面   Floor Plan


      According to the script, the stage is divided into three parts to show different scene. These small scene is separated from each other, and can move independently. Shifting plot is made to show how do furnitures move, including the line sets and large props.

道具工程图1   Set Design Details

道具工程图2   Set Design Details


        Set details drawings show the moveable sets. Unit A, B, and C show up in Act 1 Scene 1, and these sets are relatively separated at this time. Unit D and E shows in Scene 3 one by one, and the actors need to go on stage with the set. Unit F is on stage all the time. However, it moves forward and backward with the story developed. The actors can go on stage from the backstairs or the side ramp. These routes will make them look like they pass the woods in the center.

道具工程图3   Set Design Details


Physical Model under Natural Light ( light temperature: 4000k )


Physical Model under Stage Light ( light temperature: 8000k )


        The physical model emphasizes the depth of field and pops out the mystery atmosphere. The woods go deeper and deeper through the side border. The central unit has trees to increase the unity of the scene. The physical model and the rendering images show the different effects of different woods colors.

手工模型细节照片   Physical Model Details Photos

3D模型渲染图   Rendering Images

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