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Sky Bridge in Savannah




        Time means a lot to everyone. When time passes, people start to miss it. However, they overlooked that before. People wastes time in different aspects. Mostly, things happen to wait for others or wait for themselves. People can see the power of time when we collect them together. What this project wants to reach is to improve this problem. An overhead bridge covering most parts of the downtown area may shorten people’s walking path. This structure collects transportation, communication, and commercial functions together. In a word, this building is built for convenient people.

        萨凡纳是位于佐治亚州东海岸的一座历史名城,它拥有美国东海岸最大的的港口之一,住在这里让人感到平静且放松。城市的两个最广泛的业务是服务业和零售贸易。但是,管理层在雇员整体的占有很大的比例,这可能是因为超过一半的居民都拥有学士学位。这是一个年轻的城市,因为中位年龄是 23.8 岁,对于城市发展来说是一个非常有竞争力的数字。如果小镇想要快速发展,那么解决一些社会问题是必要的。其中,提高人们的生活效率是一个重要问题。

        Savannah is a historic city on Georgia’s eastern coast. It has one of the largest harbors on the east coast of the US. Living here makes people relaxed and peaceful. The two most extensive business summary is service and retail trade. However, management takes a large percentage of the labor force. It is probably because more than half of the residents have a bachelor’s degree. It is a young city since the median age is 23.8, and it is a very competitive number for city development. If the town wants rapid progress, solving some social problems is necessary. Making people’s life more efficient is an important issue.

        This is the residential area. It is far away from the downtown area, which is quiet and peaceful. The highway connects it to the city quickly, and it only takes less than 10 minutes to drive. There are over ten communities or properties in this area. In other words, most of the residents live in this area.

        This is the downtown area and an important part of the historical protection area. The major business is retail trade. Urban planning was the early European style based on historical reasons. The road is easy to walk through and remember. However, there are still some confused people.


        The structure will cross several streets and look like a bridge up high in the sky. The cars will drive through under it on the roads. Both visitors and residents can use this bridge to reach many places. People who walk and drive will separate into two paths at different heights in this area. Therefore, the travel efficiency will be improved. In a word, this design aims to reduce traffic jams in some ways. All the lanes will be separated into different bridges at different height levels. In other words, all roads can reach non-stop driving in their journey on this street.

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